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The Reiki is a Japanese healing art, which applies the simple and natural touch of the hands on the body to transmit vital energy.

In fact, the touch for pain relief is innate instinct.
To Reiki is an alternative holistic therapy for body, mind and spirit of man. It is a safe, simple and natural healing technique that uses the transmission of vital energy in the hands touch.

First, Reiki brings relaxation and serenity. Detoxify the body and strengthen all natural body functions. It fills the body with vitality and clean energy. Clears negative thoughts and emotions and brings joy and brightness. It works on all levels: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual and only goes there that we need.
Reiki is very effective in minor and that there is no pain. Reiki often reduces or eliminates pain. Headaches and migraines, bellyache, problems and pain in the neck, the knees, back and waist, react very well to the touch Laths. Also combats the cold and all the symptoms of many other common illnesses.

Therapists that provide Reiki

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