Thai massage oils

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The Thai massage oils is the special massage bed, substantially the same energy lines with traditional Thai massage, but the therapist uses more compressions rather than pressure and motion becomes smooth and easy with the use of oils. Do not confuse with the traditional Thai massage, which is done on the floor and over the laundry.

An excellent solution for those looking to relieve muscle pain brought on by long hours and sedentary lifestyle, and those of us who want to relax from the tension and stress imposed on us the requirements of modern life.

It focuses on the energy lines of the body and with intense kneading and pressure at appropriate points aimed at your complete revitalization. It works in cooperation with the circulatory, the arthromyiko and nervous system, and seeks to improve oxygenation and removal of toxins from the tissues. The correct application of massage relaxes tensed muscles, connective tissues and fascia. It helps lymphatic circulation and decomposition of subcutaneous fat, improving elasticity and general appearance of the skin.

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