Swedish Massage

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The Swedish massage is considered as the most widespread and well-known massage in Europe.

The Swedish massage consists of five basic movements – raps:

  1. The Stumble (effleurage), ie fast gentle caress that elevate body temperature and prepare for the next.
  2. Fermentation (petrissage), which is made smooth muscle activation.
  3. The Blows (tapotement), gently blows to the side of the palm.
  4. The rubbing (friction), where with the help of all fingers massaged hard and rigid muscles.
  5. Vibrate / jitter, where again with the fingers and the entire palm is pressure while vibrating the hard points of the muscles.
  • treatment of muscular tension
  • improving poor circulation and stiffness of osteoarthritis
  • restriction and control of chronic pain
  • activation of lymph
  • removing toxins from the tissues and ligaments
  • the human body are increased self defense mechanisms
  • injuries recuperate rapidly
  • headaches, stress and depression effectively combated

Therapists that provide Swedish Massage

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